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AHAHAHA!!!! But seriously, guys. I thought Shae was pretty cool until she pulled this little stunt. Bitch.

Game of Thrones.

I've already read that movie.

She needed a hero, so that's what she became. ~ via The Rains of Castamere's Facebook page

What’s in that box?

Game of thrones. Ha ha!

撮ろうとしてもなかなか撮れない、まさに“奇跡の瞬間”をとらえた画像をご紹介。 ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!! 無防備な大統領 何も知らない右の人と、事態が飲み込めていない左の人 こわい・・・ 気をつけろー!全部吸われるぞー!! おばあちゃんwwww よりによって・・・


night's watch

Game of Thrones

Jack Gleeson Isn’t Only Good At Acting

Game of Thrones


Standing Cats. @Marty Weiner