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Hongzao Chiang Chi (Braised Ginger Chicken)

Braised Ginger Chicken (Hongzao Chiang Chi) | Saveur. Braised chicken with dried mushrooms bamboo shoots, and sauce.

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Hongzao Chiang Chi (Braised Ginger Chicken)

Hongzao Chiang Chi (Braised Ginger Chicken) Recipe | SAVEUR


Red dates/jujubes/hongzao cure anemia, insomnia and constipation!

Paniers de jujubes séchés (hong zao 红枣), Xi'an, berceau de la Chine #Xian #china #jujube #bandw #tradition #black #white #fruits #hongzao

Zizyphus refers to the seed of Zizyphus jujuba, var. spinosa, often labeled simply as Zizyphus spinosa (see Figure 1). The Chinese name for the herb is suanzaoren [suan = sour; zao = date;ren = seed; hence, seed of the sour date], or just zaoren. This herb is related to the one commonly called jujube, which comes from the fruit of Zizyphus jujuba (see Figure 2); the Chinese name for jujube is dazao (da = large; a smaller, red variety is called hongzao; hong = red). #health #tcm #Zizyphus

"Chinese Jujube and Goji Tea (红枣茶)." A popular type of tea made from Chinese red dates (jujubes, hongzao — 红枣) and goji berries (aka Chinese wolfberries or gouji — 枸杞). Goji berries have become popular in recent years as a super food; they are indeed high in antioxidants and have natural healing and anti-ageing properties. Chinese red dates help rejuvenate the blood, and have eighty per cent more vitamin C than grapes and apples.