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Cage Dice Set - Shapeways is a cool website, where they can make almost anything you can design. Designer Ceramicwombat designed this set of steel dice that look like little cages. It's so different from any other dice set I've ever seen. It's expensive at $80 for the stainless version, but you can bet nobody else would have anything like it.

Each one of these grimoire are one of a kind. Made using black bullfrog textured leather. Handmade glass eyes of various shapes and origins. Each page is stained using tea to to give an ancient fee...

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Steampunk Gear Dice Set Looks Rad

I bet your dice don’t look this good. You can buy stainless steel, precious metal, or plastic versions (depending on how much money you are willing to spend). Not something you see everyday and definitely a conversation-starter. [Get them]

自宅のガレージをサイコロ工場に変え、2年かけてジュエリー並のクオリティを追求した金属製サイコロが「Cast Metal Gaming Dice」です。全てハンドメイドで、サイコロの枠を逸脱した奇抜

The Amazing D-Total Dice, 18 Dice in One

QRコード・クトゥルフ神話・24世紀などユニークすぎるデザインてんこ盛りのサイコロ「Dice Empire」レビュー - GIGAZINE

Lustrous Dice (Shadow) RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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自宅のガレージをサイコロ工場に変え、2年かけてジュエリー並のクオリティを追求した金属製サイコロが「Cast Metal Gaming Dice」です。全てハンドメイドで、サイコロの枠を逸脱した奇抜

Set of 7 Chessex Gemini Blue-Green w/gold RPG Dice

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