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Freezing Celery

How to freeze celery. I always have tons left over when buying it to make soup.

How to freeze broccoli - Freezing a crisp green vegetable like broccoli is going to have some effect on its texture. However, this method works fairly well this for keeping the nutritious jewel around all year long. The frozen florets can be tossed directly into stir-fries, added to pastas or soups, or just steamed on their own. While the texture of the reconstituted version is missing the firm, toothsome quality of fresh steamed broccoli, it still retains its flavor.

Canning Guide (skip the extra ingredients in store bought - you can cut way down on the sugar too!)

When you buy green onions... you know how you sometimes don't need a lot of them... but because of the way they are packaged - they go bad before all of them are used? Well, here is the answer. Chop them all up and place on a paper towel and flash freeze them! Then store them in your freezer - after you've placed them into a clean - used watter bottle. Then...the next time you need some green onion - shake out what you need and put the rest back in the freezer!

ハーブを細かく切ってオリーブオイルに混ぜて凍らせるだけ。いつでもフレッシュハーブが楽しめる。これは便利! Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil. Great way to use up your herbs and minimise food waste. – I Quit Sugar

Canning Chicken Soup in Ball Mason Jars (Pressure Canning)

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup

Homemade Homemaking: Cream of Chicken Soup. To make gluten free, substitute gluten free flour.

Freezing Carrots how-to. So easy - clean, blanch, freeze.

14 Fun and Creative Entertaining Hacks

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How to Freeze Celery & Onions

How to Freeze Celery & Onions- a small amount of work to freezing the celery, but better than wasting it.