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Artificial reef. 人工魚礁。

- No Fish No Future - does no one understand that overfishing has gone so far the fish we are catching are smaller and smaller because we've caught most all the larger and soon we will have nothing to catch meaning nothing in the ocean will have anything. There will be nothing left!

窓の外には 朝の移動遊園地 薄まってゆく 夢の輝き 脱ぎ散らかした 昨日の恋 美しく咲いていた赤い薔薇が たたまれてゆくメリーゴーランドの音に ぽとりぽとりと 泣くように散った

Maruyama Park (円山公園)

円山公園 花見、屋台

Minoru Nomata - 野又穫

squater flat - Google Search

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Where brooks usually ran dry during this time of the year, spring water can be seen trickling down trails and sprouting out of rocks in Napa Valley owing to the 6.0 earthquake