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ナッツ松風 meatloaf: While the top is decorated with nuts and browned, the reverse side of the cake is white and looks lonely; thus it was named, as a play on words, after the saying: "Wind in the pines (matsukaze) on the beach suggests loneliness." 表面は木の実で飾られ、焼き色がついているのに、裏側は白くてさびしいことから、「浜の松風うらさびしい」と語呂合わせされ、この名がついた

豆腐サワークリームかすていら tofu sour cream castella sponge cake :a light porous cake made with eggs and flour and sugar without shortening ショートニングなしで卵と小麦粉と砂糖で作られる軽い多孔性ケーキ

personnel♪♪♪ Puttanesca:

Which one is better?

Dinner : MENU MENU : salad サラダ macaroni salad: MENU : main 魚料理 Cod cooked in lemon:

Dinner : MENU Salad of "kanikama"crab sticks : 紫玉葱と蟹カマのサラダ、クリームチーズソース Kanikama is imitation crab meat. Cream cheese sauce Bread of olive and garlic : オリーブとガーリックブレッド

🐿Outdoor dinning Churrasco:

How come you are able to make that kind of delicious cake?

🐿Outdoor dinning ♪♪♪

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