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Ten Basic Steps in Archery: Step 8

Various methods of aiming the traditional bow

While today's technology makes it far easier for an untrained archer to achieve a high rate of accuracy; there is nothing that compares with the satisfaction of mastering traditional archery. This is the ultimate benchmark for shooters reach. Anyone can shoot decently with telescopic sight, zero resistance rests, and a mechanical release. Becoming a competent traditional archer takes it beyond science and into the realm of art.


Train your backmuscles for more perservering and effective archery

Exercises for strong shoulders Bow shooting strength

dirtylostkitten: Iranian archer Shiva Mafakheri

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Archery, Arrows Arrow Flight — There is a critical distance at about 5 to 8 metres. If the arrow hits fetching end "up", the nocking point needs to be lowered, and if it hits tail end down, the nocking point needs to be raised.

Hunting Tips For Year Round Deer Scouting

Muscle Exercises for Archery

Archery is a predominately skill-based activity. However, it is also a sport that requires you to use your muscles. The action of drawing and holding a bow are specialized skills using muscles that are not often trained in quite the way archery utilizes them. In addition to strengthening your specific archery muscles, it is also important to train...