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Beautiful Illustrations by Shinya Okayama (5)

from Sayaka Ouhito #animation #illustration

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Brian Ajhar

moon and snow

hannahchristenson: I did this for a story about two thief lovers named Sikandar and Neelam. Visit the creator of the story here!

Daisy Hat - Julie Morstad [II: "...And in having done so, do I place other personalities; in curiosity as to how they could RESPOND. The human does not want to be depicted as BAD. Could I have been MASTER? And in being master, how could I have handled the social atmosphere in I being of an upper social class? Those considered below me are enslaved. I ALSO have a FAMILY..."] *perhaps he could have envisioned a world without slavery, but that would make him CHE.

好轻松的感觉~Good relaxed feeling (Unknown Chinese Artist)