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((crystal ball)) #labradorite

316g Natural Labradorite quartz crystal sphere ball healing

Green-Blue Amber / Dominican Republic

The absolute most beautiful stone I think this is labrodorite and it truly is one of the most beautiful stones.


Russian Sphene 14.50ct. Titanite (Sphene). The mineralogical name Titanite comes from its titanium contents. Sphene is a very rare brilliant yellowish-green, green, orange or brown gemstone with a high lustre.

Labradorite Crystal Ball***** Highly mystical and protective stone. Bringer of Light. Raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Can take you to another world or into other's lives. This is a stone of esoteric knowledge. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and gives understanding of them.

Fractal branching patterns in nature, Dendritic Agate Cabochon


Labradorite Seer Stone

Labradorite Seer Stone for New Moon magic, new beginnings, and intention setting


Opalized Fossilized Wood #Gemstones #Jewelry #Gems #Opal