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palm staff - like scallop - and ankh

The Sun (Ra) gives Life to Every Living Thing on this Planet.

El cabello podia ocultarse o mostrarse con un tocado.Como otros aspectos los tocados incorporaban elementos simbólicos y múltiples accesorios como plumas y cuernos de camero evolucionando a los de tela mas adelante.

Без изменений могила Тутанхамона была обнаружена в Египте Долине Царей

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King Tut's Wedding Scene | Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Painting

Ancient Egyptian Art on Egyptian Papyrus. Unique Handmade Art For Sale at | Title: "King Tut's Wedding Scene" | Size: 12" x 16" |

Egyptian civilization, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty XXI-XXII. Mythological papyrus of Imenemsauf, Chief bearer of Amon. Detail: the hills of the Afterlife.


British Museum

Egyptian cat hunting in the marshes A tawny cat catches birds among the papyrus stems. Cats were family pets in ancient Egypt, but the cat shown here in this context could also represent the Sun-god hunting the enemies of light and order. The cat's unusual gilded eye hints at the religious meanings of this scene. The Tomb-chapel of Nebamun Thebes, Egypt. Late 18th Dynasty, around 1350 BC Salt Collection British Museum, Room 61:

Amida (Amitabha) Coming over the Mountain Buddhist Hanging Silk Scroll , Kamakura Period Japan 13th C. Raigo painting.

Egypt Yes Egypt is on the continent of Africa, but for years men have denied and lied about the ancient civilization's history