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Chronic Illness Cat. What it feels like to have your body fail you so spectacularly in the "prime" of your life is indescribable.

Chronic Illness Cat

[Image: 6-piece blue colored background with a Siamese cat.Text reads: “You’re too young for these sorts of problems;apparently not.”]

Or to go to the bathroom. chronic illness cat

Knee Pain

thats the sound of your chronic illness laughing at you when you make plans. - chronic illness cat

無謬への密やかな憧れそしてその雜食の極に (kakkon-toh hannya-toh konpei-toh) (medicine joy-of-water memory-of-children) And... "私の家は私の復活の場所より東に有る。 My home's in the eastward direction Of my own ressurection"

So very, very true. It's the way I live my life. Only my closest friends and relatives know the truth.

Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness