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Evolution of our resolution of how we view Pluto #PlutoFlyby

NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken And It Will Shake Up Your Universe

美しすぎて現実と思えない宇宙の画像 10選

Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Each spec of light is a galaxy. Are we alone in the universe? No, most definately not

Lets You Experience “Pluto Time” with New Custom Tool

NASA Lets You Experience “Pluto Time” with New Custom Tool 6/5/15

Size of Andromeda if it were brighter!

Kepler-186f ~ The first known Earth-size planet to lie within the habitable zone of a star beyond the Sun. Discovered using data from the prolific planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft, the distant world orbits its parent star, a cool, dim, M dwarf star about half the size and mass of the Sun, some 500 light-years away from us, in the constellation Cygnus. While the size and orbit of Kepler-186f are known, its mass and composition are not, and can't be determined by Kepler's transit technique…

btw, ever looked at the moon with binoculars?

In July 2015, we will see some of the most monumental photos of spaceflight history. NASA’s New Horizons probe will blast through the Kuiper belt, imaging the region beyond Neptune’s orbit and gathering an intimate view of the Pluto-Charon system

Alan Shepard.

This Video Of The Biggest Photo Ever Taken By NASA Will Make You Feel So Small

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