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Abraham Hicks - How Do I Get From Where I am To Where I Want To Be



Simple but beautiful explanation. MUST READ!!!

Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2425): "We want you to LOOK at yourself and ADORE yourself. If you will make this small effort to APPRECIATE you and what is yours NOW, you will soften, so quickly, any resistance that has been keeping you apart from the things you want. It is the magic formula that you've been looking for. It is the key to your BLENDING. It is the key to your ALLOWING. It is the key to you getting what you want..."

Abraham Hicks ~ Whatever You Want Will Be

AH.....really possible to never ever worry about loved ones, be they 4 legged or 2, ever again?

Abraham-Hicks Quotes

Abraham Hicks, call in love, peace, kindness, ease..... AMEN to this statement! once you understand this completely your life with change!

Abraham-Hicks Quotes

Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ2563) If the impulse comes and it feels good, follow it. But if the impulse comes and it feels like efforting, then back off a little bit. #follow #effort