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Three red glass beads hanging on a ring of twisted silver wire - Birka Grave 523

Detail of bead pendant. Necklace from Grave 632, Birka, Sweden. Late 9th century. Source: The Viking Heritage, 1996.

Ancient Neolithic Shells from Senegal

SGS88 - Iron Thor's hammer from Birka

Viking, 8th-10th Century AD (or Central / northern Europe, 1st-5th Century AD) Wound glass with trailed decoration and mosaic glass inset Hight: 2.5cm Diameter: 3.2cm

Silver wire spiral finger-ring. Anglo-Saxon 5th-7th century.

Loki the unrepentant cross dresser and shape-changer is shown as both male and female, with Odin's horse Sleipnir, the child of his most famous female role. Around him are the treasures he procured for the gods, Sif's hair, Thor's hammer, Odin's spear and ring, Freyr's ship and boar. He wears the falcon cloak that he uses to travel between the worlds. The mistletoe was used by Loki to kill the god Balder. In the top corners, Loki's son Fenris Wolf chases the sun across the sky.

Viking age / Belt bag / Uppland

植物と鳥のモチーフでの画像 | ART & CRAFT KOTORIの消しゴムはんこ

Beads and pendant, Viking Age, Birka grave 642, Sweden. 41 beads and 3 bead pendants.