Three red glass beads hanging on a ring of twisted silver wire - Birka Grave 523

Detail of bead pendant. Necklace from Grave 632, Birka, Sweden. Late 9th century. Source: The Viking Heritage, 1996.

Ancient Neolithic Shells from Senegal

Norway - Viking Beads Motiv Perle fra Honskatten Gjenstand Perler, 111 stk (halskjede) Tid/Periode Vikingtid Sted Norge, Buskerud, Øvre Eiker, Hon nedre, 79 Fotograf Hammer, Åse Kari Bestillingsnr Cf24332_A Museumsnummer C750,751m.fl. Lisens CC BY-NC 3.0

Viking, 8th-10th Century AD (or Central / northern Europe, 1st-5th Century AD) Wound glass with trailed decoration and mosaic glass inset Hight: 2.5cm Diameter: 3.2cm

circa 9th - 11th Century AD Anglo Saxon/viking Finger Ring A twisted wire copper-alloy finger ring possibly dating to the late Anglo-Saxon or the post medieval period. The wire is circular in section, uniform in width and coiled three times to form the band, the ends of which are wrapped around the hoop to bind them together. Made from multiple bands with a bezel of knotted appearance, is more likely to belong to the late Anglo-Saxon period with the arrival of Viking culture.

Tyr (Tiw) by Thorskegga Thorn via (copyright)

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Sapphire ring, Gold with Sapphire, claw set in hexagonal bezel, 14th Century.

Silver wire spiral finger-ring. Anglo-Saxon 5th-7th century.

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