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Best crossover ever of black butler and 2p hetalia<<<Um, can he be my butler please??

Hungary, Italy, and France.

メディアツイート: ❖イ…朔之介✿(@1s4k8)さん | Twitter

Whoa, Canada! Don't think you'll have a problem getting people to notice you now! XD

Matthew with his Canada Day gifts from his family (Alfred, Arthur, and Francis). - Art by アミカー on Tegaki

Alfred and Amelia

I love baking!!!!!

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Monaco, Belarus, & Belgium

2P!England and 2P!America - Oliver Kirkland and Alvin Jones: 2P!USUK

Yuri Plisetsky / Ivan Braginsky / Victor Nikiforov || Crossover! Hetalia: Axis Power x Yuri!!! on ICE #YOI #APH