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A kuragami in-progress, showing how the collar is made. The collar is then folded back to show the lining colour, and the triangle in the back lies flat.

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image:,,,

唐衣の巻 - Looks like a page on how to make karaginu! I can't read Japanese, though, so I'm not sure.

Noble ladies in the Heian era wore gorgeous silk robes. The color combinations, graduations and patterns were important and often referred to the seasons. These are some typical combinations. Citrus colour - early summer wear Colour combinations of Garments - Tale of Genji - A Courtier's Life by crimsongriffin28, via Flickr


Not sure if this is intended to be Viking/Norse, but I really like the whole co-ordinated outfit.

replication of "koubai no nioi" kasane no irome kimono worn by Murasaki no Ue in Tale of Genji. by museum of kyoto in 2001.

junihitoe 十二単 / melissa rose chasse

koubai no nioi ?? kasane no irome

reconstruction of one of Genji's gifts to his women◆いろいろ 空蝉 「うへよりしたへうすくて三 しろき二 しろきひとへ」(『満須計装束抄』)。「梅の折枝蝶鳥飛びちがひ 唐(から)めきたる白き浮文に 濃きがつややかなる具して明石の御方に 思ひやりけだかきをうへは目ざましう見給ふ」

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