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Manipulative Math Set Learning Fractions with Circles

love this!! // Manipulative Math Set Learning Fractions with by JustOffNormal, $14.50

Pentomino Presents Christmas Worksheet: pentominoes Grades: 4-6

Online Pentominoes Game and printable pentominoes to go with Blue Balliett's Chasing Vermeer

Here's a packet with a series of pentomino activities. Includes a number of space-filling outlines.

Fabulous set of print and online materials for a lesson on pentominoes.

Use pentominoes to get your math class discussing, problem solving, persisting, and thinking! Students really have fun with pentominoes, and the great part about the fun is that they are having fun thinking and solving a problem (which they dont seem to realize!).Ive used the activity with a very wide range of students and it has quickly given me valuable information about my new students (I do this on the first day or two of math class).