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Oh how I love Jersey Cows!

Jersey cows! We had two Jersey cows from which we got our milk. Mostly my brothers did this, although I often had to go out into the pasture and bring the cows into the barn.

I had a cow like this once. all her babies came out and look just like her :)


The Jersey breed of dairy cow originates from the Island of Jersey and it is quite distinct from all other breeds of livestock. Renowned for it’s beauty, ease of management and natural ability to produce rich creamy milk, the “ Jersey” is a product of the Island, it’s soil, it’s climate, it’s people and their history.

thefrogman: When they are all grown up, muskox have a strong odor and look like a shag carpet fell on some horns. This is why I think scientists need to figure out how to make permanent baby animals. (via TumbleOn)

jersey love

Special place in my heart for dairy cows

Quite Possibly The Prettiest Cow Of All Time

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