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Tillandsia Stricta Midnight Air Plants. $4.95, via Etsy shop CTSairplants (I'm in love!)

Stricta Air Plant

The Tillandsia Stricta Air Plant is known for its bright pink flowers and deep green to purple, densely clustered leaves. We select from the 'Gigante' and 'Black Beauty' cultivars, which stand alone o


tillandsia a.k.a. air plants are popping up all over the place, they are some of my favorite plants at home and are super low maintenance

Tillandsia tectorum var.tectorum f.gigantea - hairy air plant

Air Plant | Tillandsia

Tillandsia tectorum var.tectorum f.gigantea - hairy air plant - Resembling something between a spider and centipede with white legs, roof airplant has very narrow leaves that are lined with fuzzy white hairs. It is a frost-tender perennial bromeliad from the higher elevations of the northern Andes in South America. Unlike many other Tillandsia species, it is better adapted to areas with lower humidity and more intense sunlight. It is a lithophyte, which means it naturally grows on rocks.

Tillandsias - I must try to do this. It is lovely.

Tillandsia xerographica in bloom growing off one of the rockscape waterfalls.