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Nash Grier [ig: wikearts]

私の気持ち,基本的に,私の人生談,日常,ピーターラウル,ショーン·ピーター,Jb,Literally,Sad Cus

Hayes Grier [ig: wikearts]

if you ever hear someone call Michael ugly just show them this picture before carefully pushing them off a cliff

Carter Reynolds [ig: wikearts]

5Sosコンサート,5SosのFam,ヨンベ歌手,Directionerの夢,5Secondsofsummer,5Sauce,柱,Xd 5Sos,5Sos Atl

Jack Gilinsky [ig: wikearts]

Matt Espinosa [ig: wikearts]

Jc Caylen [ig: wikearts] the details in the drawing's hair is great