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ギンガムチェック、チェリー柄とのフットネイル foot nail that combines well the hot stuff this year gingham check, and cherry pattern. Put a gingham check and cherry pattern in White Base, I decorated with ribbon middle. I decorated by placing the studs and Terry pattern art, the base and Shi paint monochromatic pink nails other

昨年はずーっとシェルティ制作ばかりでしたが、 そろそろ他のものも作りたい。。。 …作り方を忘れちゃうから(汗) ノルウェージャンの仔猫ちゃんです♪ 猫さん‥1年半ぶりで、やはり時間がかかってしまいました。 でも今回お気に入りの子が出来たー!...

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other 楽観主義は他のどんなものよりも、 成功と幸福とにより結びついている ひとつの資質である。


Happy New Year! Fifth illustration from the “Bicycle Boy” series! This one gave me a lot of trouble and took two days on and off to complete. I really like Japanese trains so I decided to put one in the series. As the series is more or less half done, I will take a little break from it, and do some other stuff and sketching while I consider where to go with the story. ALSO: thank you very much for all the sharing, rebloging, and following! My blog was recently featured on “Trending on…

フルーツ柄が可愛いフットネイル foot nail fruit pattern is cute. Thumb has a cross-section of art art banana fruit, cherry, nails other white base. Little finger and index finger to the stripe in clear base, I put the character.


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