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【スライドショー】開通から130年目を迎えるニューヨークのブルックリンブリッジ -

シカゴ科学産業博物館で開催中の「Brick by Brick」展は、LEGO認定プロフェッショナルが制作したLEGO建築モデルを紹介する展示会だ。長さ約18mのゴールデンゲート・ブリッジや、実際に走るジェットコースターなどが楽しめる。




一生に一度見れるか見れないか...雷が8本同時に落ちるベイブリッジのレア写真 : ギズモード・ジャパン

In addition to its beautiful architecture Sydney's sunny weather its proximity to water and its good work-life balance made me immediately fall in love with this city and move here in a heart beat. Water has a calming effect and I love being by the water. The only downside is it's too far away from home. #sydneyoperahouse #sydney #sydneyharbourbridge #cruise #sophiatraveltheworld #instatravel #solotravel by tsutami77

Instagram【】さんの写真をピンしています。 《Photo by Hiroshi.N Rainbow bridge taken from Odaiba. Land side of Shibaura and Odaiba made in the Tokyo Bay, two of the main tower brilliant to represent the two ends of the land have tried to express in such a way that the leading role "HDR". The back of the group of buildings, bridges exposed to lighting, dark Odaiba. If the brightness is greatly different elements into the composition, has it on the performance of the sensor camera difficult to…

砂を適度に湿らせてやると、「capillary bridges(毛細血管ブリッジ)」という、砂粒同士を繋ぐ毛細血管状の超微量の水滴…が砂に行き渡って、砂粒同士が2倍硬くなるんですね。それだとソリの前にも山ができないし、引っ張るのに必要な力も半分になるのです。半分!


The only downside to a bridge is that it requires more home maintenance and for some can be more difficult to keep clean. #Artofmoderndentistry