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A man should be concerned if his significant other told him "Wow! You look just like your dad!"

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Pinner wrote: Say No to Routine Infant Circumcision I don't feel as strongly about other's choices for their children but I find this funny and true :)

Sulamith Wülfing. Creativity

Circumcision is wrong. I don't believe in it, and I never will. Cutting the tips of baby boys genitals is child abuse in my opinion... Cleaner? Maybe you should teach your son to bath properly then. You've had it done? I've had my arm cut off in a saw accident- so I'll cut my baby's arm off too! Religious? So you're telling me you believe in a god that wants you to cut the tip of your sons penis off? It's suppose to be there for a reason!! That's why you're born with it in the first place!!

AAP: All About Profit. When they tell you it's not the money, guess what; it's the money. We must remember that the AAP is first and foremost a trade organization, whose prime interest is the welfare of its members. They're not going to say something that will put any of its members in disrepute.

Myths & Facts about routine infant circumcision - get educated!