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I love this design. One reason is because it's based off one of my favourite TV shows. However I just love the harmony and motion of the image. Your eyes move throughout the picture with help from the fluidity of the ribbon. The burning ribbon at the top is not only a reference to the show but tapers off to the top to make the composition more balanced. The heavy detail on the cassette tape contrasts nicely with the simplicity of the ribbons and dog tags. It's also completely hand-drawn!

One of my favourite episodes

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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki as Dean & Sam Winchester | Season 1 Group Shot Promo --- wow... it's already like Dean is jumping to go kill, and Sam is going: "Dean! Wait!" because he sees something off. These guys... wow.

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swan-bones: Dig DeepGouache on paper, 2016by Kelly Louise Judd