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A Male Seahorse With share moments

Pez mandarín: Su aspecto colorido recuerda las túnicas de los emperadores chinos. Durante la noche realiza un curioso ritual de apareamiento: macho y hembra juntan sus vientres mientras suben hasta la superficie, donde el macho fecunda la nube de huevos que suelta la hembra. En lugar de escamas tiene una capa viscosa y de mal sabor que los protege de los depredadores.

Seahorse How peaceful is a Sea Horse I cannot imagine a fight amoung then

タコの赤ちゃんがかわゆいw - おもしろ画像まとめ:だらぴく

My former boss loved seahorses and this is the perfect purple for a new aquarium-filled with them for Sunset Zoo...wouldn't that be cool?!

The Armadillo Lizard is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. The natural habitat of this lizard is scrub and rocky outcrops. It is diurnal. It hides in rock cracks and crevices. It lives in social groups of up to 30. The Armadillo Lizard possesses an uncommon antipredator adaptation, in which it takes its tail in its mouth and rolls into a ball when frightened.


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Blue seahorse... Just 4 you Percy