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Personal accessory case

1766 British Nécessaire at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - Curators' comments: "A nécessaire was a luxury object designed to hold a whole range of necessary scent bottles and cosmetic and writing implements for use by a woman of fashion. The contents include five bottles with stoppers, a pencil and an ivory writing tablet, scissors, a mirror, a comb, a brush, toothpicks, a tongue scraper, a bodkin combined with a spoon for ear wax, and a file combined with a pair of tweezers."

ピンもと:V and A Collections

Manicure set

1670-1680 English Manicure set at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "It is unclear what each tool was used for, but they may include an earspoon for removing ear wax, a tongue scraper, a tool for cleaning dirt from under fingernails and a toothpick or cuticle pusher."

Papier Mache gynecological model after Dr Louis Auzoux c 1880

1750 British Toilet case at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore - From the curators' comments: "The case contains a silver-and-gold folding knife, a pair of scissors, a gold bodkin and pencil, a pair of steel tweezers, and an ivory writing tablet. A ring on top indicates that the case could be worn as a pendant so that the utensils would be readily accessible. The button on the side used to open the case is studded with a diamond."

ピンもと:V and A Collections


1725 German (Augsburg) Candlestick at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "This candlestick was probably originally part of a toilet service, which included a mirror, a pair of candlesticks, one or two large caskets and a selection of smaller boxes. The candlesticks would have provided light for a lady as she prepared herself at her dresser."

1911 21K Fountain Pen

Travelling Set with Glass Beaker In Case, Samuel Bardet 1777/79, German (Augsburg) Gilt silver, steel, and glass;dyed and gold-tooled leather, velvet. Containing cutlery (serving fork and spoon, carving fork and knife, and a marrow spoon), a spice box, an egg cup, & a covered beaker, such luxury traveling sets in protective leather cases were a staple of Augsburg silversmiths. The beaker is engraved with a hunter & a huntress, suggesting this traveling set was intended for the hunting…

LAMY Safari grey charcoalish colour-I had this Lamy before I lost the lid at London Zoo

Nécessaire, first quarter 18th century, German (probably Augsburg). Wood veneered with tortoiseshell and gold; implements of glass, ivory, and gold. Beneath a mirror-lined cover, the interior of this casket contains an inkwell and sand shaker, pen, pencil, clasp knife, cut-glass seal, snuff spoon, ear spoon, bodkin, tweezers, file, two-leaved ivory tablet, and a patch box.