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Christian-Pontus Andersson: The Gatekeeper Rested His Eyes, an Unauthorized Person Snuck In


Danu Print

Danu is a Celtic/Irish mother goddess of fertility and creation. She is the leader of the Irish pantheon, the Tuatha de Danann. by Megan Welti on etsy

Bird headed Goddess, Africa, 4000 BC - Original Wonder Woman!

Cailleach is a Celtic Crone Goddess who embodies winter. She is sometimes depicted as a one-eyed giantess who leaps from peak to peak, wielding Her magical white rod and blasting the vegetation with frost. "In her head was one deep pool-like eye, Swifter than a star in winter, Upon her head gnarled brushwood, like the clawed old wood of the aspen root..." ~ Campbell: The Yellow Muilearteach

Couple poil. Fred Laforge