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Hans Joachim Marseille German Pilot Hans-Joachim Marseille seen here in the cockpit of his fighter Messerschmitt Bf-109F-4 in Libya, he had completed 382 sorties, with 7 kills during the battle of Britain and in North Africa, he was Awarded the Knight's Cross with oak leaves, swords and diamonds, on the day of his death September 30th 1942, he was officially recorded at 158 victories with 151 in North Africa and 7 during the Battle of Britain this photo was taken on 1st June 1942.

✠ Hans-Joachim Marseille (13 December 1919 – 30 September 1942) Killed in a flying accident. RK 22.02.1942 Leutnant Flugzeugführer i. d. 3./JG 27 06.06.1942 [97. EL] Oberleutnant Flugzeugführer i. d. 3./JG 27 18.06.1942 [12. Sw] Oberleutnant Staffelkapitän 3./JG 27 03.09.1942 [4. Br] Oberleutnant Staffelkapitän 3./JG 27


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Beautiful colorized picture taken of a BF 109 in 1942. #ww2 #aviation

Imperial Airways Handley Page H.P.45 G-AAXC "Heracles" in-flight. The 8 H.P.42/45 variants produced were the world's largest bi-plane airliners.

Manfred Von Richtofen - The Red Baron

WW2 Junkers Ju87G-2 "the Stuka" - a 2-man German, steep-dive bomber known for pinpoint precision with an identifiable scream when diving. A fearsome icon of the early Blitzkrieg campaigns, the G-2 had a pair of 37mm Flak guns in pods under its wings. It was deadly as a tank destroyer, but when unescorted the Stuka was vulnerable to attack from Spitfires Hurricanes. As a result, it was most used on the Russian front.

US Bomber Crewman in flak jacket and electric heated clothing to survive the extreme cold at high altitudes

Messerschmitt Bf 109E - Adolf Galland during assignment with Jagdgeschwader 26 (JG 26) Schlageter.