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Eyes of the Great Depression 120. - Miner at Dougherty's mine, near Falls Creek, Pennsylvania; photo by Jack Delano

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Visual Guide to the Great Depression

Great site for Great Depression photos!

Dorothea Lange - 1939 - Portret (October 1939, Ex-Nebraska farmer)

What Ma ultimately wants is for the family to remain together on their journey to California and after it. "Her fingers went to he throat and gathered a little pinch of skin and twisted gently. 'Thank God!' she said. 'The fambly's here'" (Steinbeck 228).

long the highway near Bakersfield, California. Dust bowl refugees. [Dust bowl refugees, on highway near Bakersfield, California.] (1935 Nov.)

dorothea lange- migrant farm worker

Sharecropper’s Daughter, Arkansas, 1935 by Arthur Rothstein


恐慌 - 株と釣り

Probably the most famous picture to come from the Great Depression...a mother of seven with such a deep, concerned expression. Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother


How the Great Society Reforms of the 1960s Were Different From the New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt led a couple of new programs to help the economy during The Great Depression.