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Happy Jack's Go Buggy (P-38J Lightening)

Belgian "Death's Head" Nacelle Farman 40. The Farman F.40 was a French pusher biplane reconnaissance aircraft. Death/skull nose art.

Ed Fisher was one of only three aces created by the 362nd FG. He claimed five victories flying P-47D razorbacks before gaining his final two kills (both Bf109s) in this machine on August 9, 1944. Despite being officially credited with four Fw 190s and three Bf109s destroyed, the tally carefully painted onto 42-26919 shows four Fw 190s, one Bf109 and two Bf110s, as well as three V1s. . Ed Fisher failed to return from a mission to Elmersdorf in October 1944.

20年3月下旬 そよかぜ隊 藤井正軍曹

Pilot der 3./JG2 neben seiner Bf-109F4 in Bernay/Frankreich

彗星四三型 三三型の特攻仕様。 後部座席を廃止して単座とし、機銃も撤去した。代わりに操縦席に防弾鋼板と防弾ガラスを追加した。 胴体下面に最大5本の増速用ロケットを搭載可能としていたが、性能が低下するため一度も実用されなかった。

Pilot Officer Albert Gerald Lewis DFC (aged 22) in his Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 (VY-R) P2923 with 85 Squadron RAF at Castle Camps, RAF Debden's satellite airfield in Cambridgeshire. July 1940.


"Bette," P-47 "Thunderbolt"