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Slow-mo destruction…

Hilarious images of the day, 70 pics. Slow Motion Destruction (Gif)

andrejpejicjimmyvegafanfic: shit!!! i thought he was gonna burn me but i think he just helping light a cigaratte *moves in closer to monitor with a cig b/w my lips*

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Awesome Stop-Motion Using Only Wood

疑い私はよ,ストップモーション,Interesting Medium,Wood Gif,Guen,Motion Magic,Wood Watch,Whst,Mesmerizing

Gifアニメーションのブドウその他,アニメーション物事,アニメーションGif,奇妙なこと,楽しい面白い,面白いGif,2014年12月,Internet Animated,Things That Move

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21 Best GIFs of All Time of the Week #23

The Proper Way To Use A Handrail. Fucking brilliant. #brilliant