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AN EKOI HEAD CREST 19TH century Efut-Ibibio people, Cross River Region, Nigeria Wood, fibre, metal, animal skin and horn 48 cm high Provenance: Henri Kamer, Paris and New York

Africa | Chair from the Chokwe people of Angola | Wood; carved with male figure at the top wearing the traditional dignitary's 'Mutwe wa Kayanda' hairstyle

Royal Stool ru mfo Cameroon, Foumban Bamum Kingdom 19th century Wood, hammered copper, cauris shells, beads H.: 57 cm - African Sculptures - Les Musées Barbier-Mueller

Ekoi / Ejagham Headdress Janus with Skin Curled Hair Africa Exquisite - Cross River & Niger River Delta - African Masks

Ejagham headdress from the Cross River Region in Nigeria. It is 27 inches high. the monumental hairstyle is composed of five coiled plaits or braids unusually large in African statuary and masterful in the perfection and symmetry of their coils. this hairstyle was worn by young women during initiation and the period of reclusion prior to marriage From the Merton D. Simpson collection. It sold for $305,000.

Africa | Headdress from the Ekoi or Boki people of Nigeria; | These types of masks are used during funeral ceremonies of the Ekpe society, within the Cross River region.

Ejagham Janus Helmet Mask, Cross River Region, Nigeria and Cameroon consisting of a wood carcass covered in Red Duiker (Cephalophus natalensis) hide, with attachments of Human (Homo sapiens) hair. Height: 16 3/4 in (42.5 cm)

Janus-Faced Headdress, 19th–20th century Nigeria, Cross River region; Ejagham, Akparabong clan Wood, leather, paint, cane, horn, nails; H. ...

Unidentified Artist, African (Nigeria, Ejagham people) :: David Owsley Museum of Art Collection

kpe (Egbo) head Photo'd in Item. Said to have been bought in the Middle Cross River Area.