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Godmachine art. Ill eventually get this good and ill give amazing tattoos, he's my favorite artist:) ill post some of my art eventually.

For the release of the ZOMBIE! album “THE OUTBREAK,” artist GODMACHINE created this stunning design for the ZOMBIE! single “Pretty Undead.”

Takato Yamamoto.

Takato Yamamoto

墨絵師 御歌頭(okazu) on

墨絵 真田幸村 by 墨絵師 御歌頭

ホラー、暗い芸術,灰色の恐怖,グラフィック,イラスト,多様な,タトゥー,ドロー,Bands Ouo,Nuveau Idea

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Breasts Reference Sheet || how to draw female anatomy, the chest

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Skull and raven on a moonlight