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"The Japanese Breakfast"

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Farro avocado breakfast bowl + sumac miso vinaigrette

Local Milk | farro avocado breakfast bowl + sumac miso vinaigrette

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Gobo and Miso Takikomi Gohan

[JAPAN] Miso Flavored Mixed Rice (Takikomi Gohan) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Japanese Breakfast (Simmered Mackerel with Miso Sauce, Dashimaki Tamago Egg Omelet with Grated Daikon Radish, Taraco Cod Roe, Rice and Hot Miso Soup)|サバ味噌定食

Japanese Breakfast (Brown-Rice Onigiri, Pickles and Other Veggies) | Asagohan 朝ごはん

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Tamago Kake Gohan (Egg Over Rice)

Japanese Breakfast

I have never experienced this style. I mean that every dishes are on the one plate is kinda unique way of serving a cuisine. #japan #japanese_food #japanese_countryside

父の日の朝食,朝食レシピ,父親の日,食品の調理,興味深い前菜,貪欲,テーブル,朝食,Brunch Platter

Photo: Healthy and Tasty Japanese Breakfast Dishes (Rice, Miso Soybeans Soup, Vegetables and Seaweeds) | Asagohan 朝ごはん