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Mantis Shrimp Tail Fan

Our World Underwater 2012 Photo Competition Winners Announced

Parrotlets -I have 3 ,Emmy ,sassy and rio . They are the cutest little things . They are very easy to tack care of . I love them to death

Japanese Fan Lobster (Ibacus ciliatus)

the Mantis Shrimp

RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP (Pseudosquilla ciliata) guarding her eggs

Related to the jellyfish and corals, the beautiful and alien Siphonophore is actually a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or invertebrates. Others are devoted to locomotion, propelling the whole group with a continuous pumping motion. Still others, of course, exist only to reproduce.