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Netsuke of Boy with Dog Date: 19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Ivory

Netsuke of Boy Playing with a Dog Date: 19th century Culture: Japan Medium: Wood and ivory Dimensions: H. 1 1/4 in. (3.2 cm)

Netsuke of Hotei with Bag and Gourd 19th century

Boy with Fan Netsuke György Ráth Museum in Budapest

Ono no Tofu wearing ceremonial garments and holding a fan and an umbrella, with his frog at his feet - 17th c. - Netsuke in ivory. ..........PARTAGE OF UKIYO - E & SUMI - E............ON FACEBOOK..............

Shukosai Anraku (Japan) Chinese Boy and Water Buffalo, mid-19th century Netsuke, Ivory with staining, sumi, 1 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 15/16 in.

Three small carved ivory figurines, one of a woman playing the drums, one of a woman playing the mandolin, and on of a woman standing holding a fan in her hands, signed on bottom, on wooden stand, tallest is 4 1/4" high

Ivory netsuke depicting four demons carrying a man on litter, man sat crossed legged holding a fan and drinking container accompanied by a small animal. A dog and a monkey are standing either side of the litter both have swords and holding fans. The dog and the monkey are signs of the zodiac. One cord-hole underneath. Marked underneath

Ivory okimono of a small boy with a goat