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When people hear I intentionally had an unmedicated childbirth with my son, they're intrigued. "Amazing!" they say, "And insane. Jeez. How'd you do it?" I nonchalantly shrug, check my polish, channel my homebirth idol Gisele Bundchen.

Bunny chair

They might be "standard" procedures, but you might want to skip these if you're pregnant!

Postnatal Recovery Smoothie: What you eat post child birth can effect how well you recovery. To promote optimal recovery you need to ensure you are eating the best nutrients to aid this. #postbirth #smoothie

Neat: put a picture on one side, a copy of their baby foot prints on another side, their name, birthday and birth weight on another and then I am a child of God on the last side. Turned out so cute!

Creating a strong parent-child bond is something that will carry with your child to adulthood. Here are over 100 fun and easy ways to bond…

Special Delivery baby- so stinking cute!!!

so sweet!


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