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We are the leading exporter of used&new cars/truck/buss/motorcycle/machinery/spareparts/excavator/crane/wheelloader/forklift to all over the world!


ニューダットサン1300トラック(520型)カタログ 日産自動車(株) 昭和40年代

ダイハツ フェロー


Nissan Cedric Coupé - adv (1971)

Honda N360 AT Japan Brochure 1969

The global leader in the collector car industry. Services include auctions, restoration, appraisals, collection advice, private treaty and estate sales. We offer the world's finest cars to the most discerning collectors.

戦前~戦後のレトロ写真 (@oldpicture1900) | Twitter

The Suzuki SW-1. Suzuki thought they'd have a big success with this retro-looking bike when they released it in 1992. Although it was aimed at cool young salarymen, cashed-up in the bubble economy, it was a huge sales disaster. It went out of production later the same year, and was never sold outside of Japan. Now they're impossible to get. But look at it! It's SO BEAUTIFUL!

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