Pinterest • 世界中のおしゃれアイデアまとめ

Pinterest でおしゃれアイデアをまとめましょう!

Giant Size Master Of Kung Fu #1,September 1974, Pencils: Ron Wilson, Inks: Mike Esposito

The Avengers #167, January 1978, Pencils: George Pérez, Inks: Terry Austin

All-Star Squadron #1, September 1981, Pencils: Rich Buckler, Inks: Dick Giordano, Colors: Tatjana Wood

Hawk And Dove #2, November 1988, Pencils: Rob Liefeld, Inks: Karl Kesel

Marvel Premiere #17, September 1974, Pencils: Gil Kane; John Romita, Inks:Dick Giordano;

Batman #272, February 1976, Pencils/Inks: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Colors: Tatjana Wood

ROM #47, October 1983, Pencils: Bill Sienkiewicz

Justice League OF America #243, October 1985, Pencils: Chuck Patton, Inks: Mike Machlan

Uncanny X-Men blank cover dressed up with Mike Mayhew's Phoenix!

Original and final cover art by Gil Kane (pencils) and Frank Giacoia (inks) from Marvel Treasury Edition #14, published by Marvel Comics, 1977.