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それはパステルです,パステル気分,パステル完璧,パステルカラー,希望,歌います,ベリンダ,幾何学,Stay Pastel


The life we know live is full of nothing it seems. We have each other and that is all. It's like we live in this long hall of nothing, no choices that lead us anywhere we want to go. And at the end of this long Hades, it seems the only way to get out, to exit this, it to give up. Let Starfleet find us. Go back into cryo. But we can't even do that. Because we made a promise to each other. Either way, I wonder if it's worth it....


Yamaguchi Tadashi

Koji Kobayashi(@KDE_SPACE)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート