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Noshibukuro – Envelopes de dinheiro japonês

Book cover of paper with colored figures(chiyogami)

Japanese Noh costume

Japanese Obi sash for kimono

Japanese Noshi-bukuro のし袋 - an envelope for presenting a gift of money; the two-toned knot would add color (perhaps highlighting the leaf or flower color of your tree)

お屠蘇とお年玉 Otoso and otoshidama

Boldog Új Évet! | JA Sendai nyilvánosság Megjegyzés Ф ( "U" *)

Japanese board game, Shogi 将棋

Mini Japanese Envelopes Note..;.. They are "Otoshidama" envelopes. Otoshidama is money given to children as a gift for the New Year.Kawaii!