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“Madonna” is not a material girl…

Would you like to make some dogs very happy this holiday season? Here's how...

Merlin and Tinkerbell (formerly Missu) came to Soi Dog with their brother, sister and mother, after they were abandoned at a house in Phuket when the people living there moved out. Their mother, Marshmallow, had recently given birth to the four kittens.

You may remember seeing Frank available for adoption on the Facebook page recently. Great news – last week Frank left for his new home in the USA.

I was recently found by animal rescue officer Khun Jaroon outside a local shop. He noticed that I had a very big tumor on my stomach and decided I needed to see a vet straight away.

We were brought to Soi Dog, along with our brother Aramis, after our Mum died giving birth to us. As we were so tiny, it would have been too dangerous for us to remain at the shelter. Being such small babies, we couldn’t be exposed to any germs or illnesses that we were too young to fight off.

It was by pure chance that two staff members were leaving the shelter at 7 pm on Friday evening when they came across three small kittens who had been dumped at the front gate. Thankfully at eight weeks of age, these kittens were not too young to have been removed from their mother...

I was first brought into Soi Dog after being hit by a car. My owner died recently and I was left to fend for myself. I was so sad after my owner died and I really didn’t know how to look after myself and the local dogs were bullying me.

Butchers Arrested For The Second Time! No photos of dead and butchered dogs are included here but show a typical butchers "shop" hidden deep in the jungle.

I used to live at a nearby hotel and the staff accommodation building was my turf. The staff there were really nice and loved me. I recently for myself into some trouble though as I was a bit too protective of them and when people I didn’t know came near the building I would tell them very strongly not to come near my turf or my people.