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Japanese clear soup おすまし


あつあつとろ~り。冬はおうちでポットパイを楽しもう♪ | キナリノ 昨日の夕飯で余った、チキンとマッシュルームのクリームシチューを入れて

トマトの旨味を楽しむ♪ トマトと豆腐のフォー

Coconut curry noodle soup 7

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広告を見て、一目惚れ♡ - 7件のもぐもぐ - チキンとマッシュルームのスープ♡ by toypooh.a.m.c.i



Guangdong-style soy sauce chow mein China noodles (raw) 2 Ball Roast pork (commercially available) 30g Shiitake mushrooms 2 sheets Onions 90g Nira 1/3 Wa Green onions Two Ginger 1 clove Fried seasoning ├ sugar 2 tsp ├ soy sauce 4 tablespoons ├ soup (solving arsenide (Chinese style) of the granules chicken soup with hot water 1 tablespoon) 1 tablespoon ├ pepper a little └ sesame oil 1 tsp soy sauce Proper quantity Sesame oil Proper quantity Salad oil Proper quantity