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私の恋人のフェルプス,フレッド·ジョージ,ジェームズ,Military Uniform,Oliver Fred,Oliver Sport

James and Oliver Phelps at the end of a shoot at the Midlands photography studio

Yes!!! I love these kind of clothes on a guy!!! I really love the vest and the scarf!!!

フェルプス双子️,フェルプスの男,ジェームスフェルプス,オリバー・フェルプスフレッド,ジェームズ·ダーシー,フレッド·ウィーズリー,ウィーズリー双子,ジョージ·ウィーズリー,James Oliver

"Oho, I know that look. You're impressed, aren't you?" he teases. "I know, it's hard to believe: smashing good looks, brilliant sense of humour, and top notch intelligence? Can one man truly be so gifted? It's okay to feel overwhelmed in my presence, for I am quite impressive. Thank you for noticing."

I love you, Weasley Twins!!!!

James and Oliver Phelps

James and Oliver Phelps