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Maude Adams (Maude Ewing Kiskadden), American Actress. November 11, 1872 – July 17, 1953.

"Qiu Jin wore masculine attire before the Qing Dynasty and system of imperial rule fell (in other words, during a time when traditional #Confucian values about women’s proper place were still dominant). She made war with the emperor and was beheaded. She’s touted as #China’s first #feminist…but perhaps we could even say she’s proto-genderqueer? I snagged this photo from the wonderful book Chinese #Women Writers and the Feminist Imagination, 1905–1948 by Yan Haiping."

The first Afghan female pilot.

A couple’s photographic portrait is an affirmation of their relationship. It states for all to see: “We love each other. We care for each other. We are proud of who we are together.” During the Victorian era many gay and lesbian couples proudly expressed their love for each other in studio portraits. Unlike the common belief that such relationships were “the love that dare not speak its name,” as Oscar Wilde so famously described same sex attraction in his poem “Two Loves,” gays and lesb...

Cosplay Guide for The Ouroboros Cycle Doctor Babette Beatrice Varanus

African American soldiers in World War II

1870s photo of Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925) with one of her pets. She was the wife of Edward VII of the United Kingdom.