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Atopodentatus unicus - Atopodentatus is an extinct genus of marine reptile, possibly basalsauropterygian, known from the early Middle Triassic (Pelsonian substage, Anisian stage) of Luoping County, Yunnan Province, southwestern China. It contains a single species, Atopodentatus unicus.It is thought to have lived between 247 and 242 million years ago, during the Middle Triassic period, about six million years after the Permian extinction

Elvis on stage in Hollywood in february 12 1977.

Elvis on stage in Hollywood in february 12 1977.


Cheap rocks from IKEA, a couple candles and a scented oil reed diffuser - cheap and easy (and yummy smelling) decor for the bathroom, fits perfectly on the back of the toilet...

[Champagne]川上洋平・白井眞輝2012/8/10「RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL2012inEZO」@石狩湾新港樽川ふ頭横特設ステージ

[Champagne]川上洋平2012/8/10「RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL2012inEZO」@石狩湾新港樽川ふ頭横特設ステージ