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五代 耀州窯青釉提梁倒灌壺 | 中華博物

Dish, Japanese, late 17th C. #ceramics #pottery

鼈甲釉龍紋碗 口径12.2cm、高6cm [宋時代] A.D.12~13世紀 吉州窯 Bowl, stoneware decorated inside with dragons patterns. Covered with mottled iron black and yellowish glaze. Sung Dynasty 12th-13th century. Chi-chou ware M.D. 12.2cm, H. 6cm 見続けても何度見ても見飽きない物が中華文物にはある。ある時からどんどん変わって行く自分を発見し、それが自覚へと認識する。こんな力が中華文物にはあるのかと。そうや、これが教育とちゃうやろか?

13th century bowl with central fish motif from Iran

Celadon glazed tea bowl, 13th century

Dish with design of grasses, Momoyama period (1573–1615), late 16th–early 17th century Japan Stoneware with decoration incised through iron-rich clay slip (Mino ware, gray Shino type)

An archaic stroke chart of Japanese Hiragana characters.

Helen Hyde--Blossom time in Tokyo, 1914

Song dynasty (960–1279) china

Vase in Meiping Shape - China, late 13th- first half of the 14th C. Southern Song (1127–1279)–Yuan (1271–1368) dynasty