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Statue of Nephthys - ca. 250-145 BC (Greco-Roman) Egypt. The...

Statue of Osiris, painted gesso on wood, Egypt, 664-525 BC. Museum of Art at CSUSB. Permanent Egyptian Collection. | Photo: Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSB.

Egyptian Eye of Horus cuff bracelet

Bronze statue of a cat - Egypt, 664-525 BC


Statue of Isis protecting an infant Horus c.590-530 BC 26th Dynasty Late Period The statue is thought to come from one of two chapels which were dedicated to forms of Osiris worshipped at Karnak.These chapels were built and extended by the adoratrices of Amun and the kings with whom they were associated The British Museum

Head of a Hippopotamus. 1390-1352 BC. Egypt

This “famine stele” records the occurrence of a “7 year drought” in ancient Egypt during the reign of king Djoser (ruled 2691-2625 BC).