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Maya Clay height 15.4 cm. Probably from the Island of Jaina. Elite woman with blackstrap loom. Elite woman were often portrayed as Ixchel the Goddess of Weaving.

Statue of an ancient Mayan warrior in a jungle setting in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region. © David A. Kamm

Hochob Mexico Mayan Ruin-Campeche

Ballplayer. Late Classic Maya, A.D. 600–800. Place made: Jaina Island or vicinity, Maya area, Campeche, Mexico. h. 34.2 cm., w. 17.8 cm. The massive padding around the waist of this figure identifies him as a ballplayer. Such protection was probably made out of long cloth wrappings, atop which was attached a ribbed, wooden striking element, painted blue on this example. His bird headdress may have been particular to his team. -Princeton University Art Museum-

Pre-Columbian:Ceramics, Figure of a Standing Woman. Maya, Jaina. A.D. 550 - 900. Ceramic,traces of original red paint. Height 10 5/8 in. Width 4 7/...

Maya fertility offering. This beautifully crafted piece shows the great skill of Maya sculptors, who were the best in all Mesoamerica. Small and very realistic, the work above clearly represents a woman of high status, and may have been modeled from a real person. Her headdress includes a jaguar, a symbol of great power. In some Maya city-states such as Palenque, women could become rulers.

Justin Kerr image: Image: 6763 File date: 2002-12-16 Caption: Maya Jaina Lady Description: Maya. Jaina. clay. height 17.8 cm. Seated woman with baby in her arms

Justin Kerr image: Image: 6000 File date: 2001-02-12 Caption: Jaina Weaver Description: Maya. Jaina. clay with traces of blue paint. height 19.8 cm. Ixchel, the goddess of weaving sits at her back strap loom with birds perched on her shoulder.