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Boddhisattva Maitreya - Sahri Bahlol - Pakistan

Gandhāra (Sanskrit गन्धार, Persian Gandara, Waihind) (Urdu: گندھارا) is the name of an ancient Mahajanapada, in northern Pakistan (the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and parts of northern Punjab and Kashmir) and eastern Afghanistan. Gandhara was located mainly in the vale of Peshawar, the Potohar plateau (see Taxila) and on the northern side of the Kabul River. Its main cities were Peshawar and Taxila.

Japanese National Treasure, Statue of Taishakuten Kizo 帝釈天騎象像(東寺)

Bouddha assis de Sahri Bahlol, région de Gandhara (Pakistan). Musée de Peshawar

Japanese National Treasure, Miroku Bosatsu statue at Koryu-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan 弥勒菩薩半跏思惟像

Close up of a sitting wooden statue of Maitraya, Prpperty of Koryu-ji temple, National Treasure of Japan 広隆寺弥勒菩薩半跏像左半面相 国宝

Relief : Ancient Buddhist civilization "Gandhara". Taxila, Pakistan.

Gandhara Wallpaper - Google Search

Standing, four-armed Hariti with child and trident. Sahri-Bahlol. Second to fifth century C.E. Schist. H. 122 cm. Peshawar Museum.